June 2009 Newsletter
A Newsletter for Integrative Treatments

We believe that complementary treatments can be integrated with standard practices to offer patients the best of both worlds. As clinician researchers we seek new approaches to relieve emotional and physical problems while reducing medication side effects. The goal of this newsletter is to share with you Integrative Treatments we find to be safe and beneficial. We welcome your comments and ideas at: www.haveahealthymind.com.

International News Flash!

The people of Switzerland, after bearing the burden of steep increases in the costs of prescription medications, voted in May this year to have their National Health plan cover the cost of complementary and alternative treatments. Despite stiff opposition, voters believe that this change will significantly reduce the overall cost of health care and give greater access to CAM treatments with fewer side effects. Extending coverage to CAM treatments could save the American people billions of dollars in the costs of pharmaceuticals and in the costs of their side effects. In addition, the manufacture and disposal of prescription medications creates a growing pollution problem. We hope that the Swiss people have an opportunity to demonstrate that CAM is good for public health, health care budgets, and the environment.

Current Projects

Serving Those Who Serve (STWS) is a non-profit group providing services to people who are still suffering from physical and emotional illnesses related to the NY September 11th World Trade Center Attacks. The 9/11 Community includes First Responders, Ground Zero workers, WTC workers, and area residents. STWS sponsors our new Breath~Body~Mind™ program for relief of physical and emotional distress as well as for personal development. Workshops are open to the public and a portion of the profits are donated to STWS.

In addition to positive feedback from participants, our preliminary research data indicate significant improvement in measures of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms (Martin Katzman and Monica Vermani, in process).

Breath~Body~Mind™ Courses with Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown teaches a fusion of modern and ancient practices to rapidly balance the stress response system, relieve stress and anxiety, and enhance physical and mental health. Training includes QiGong breathing and movement, Christian monk breath moving techniques, Coherent Breathing, and Open Focus Meditation. Proceeds from these courses will be used to benefit the 9/11 Community.

June 13-14 at 4 W. 43rd St. between Vanderbilt and 5th, NY
Aug 1-2 Martha's Vineyard
Information and pre-registration: www.stws.org or
October 18, 19 The Arlington Center (near Boston, MA)
Details to be announced

Upcoming Events

Qigong Intensive with Master Robert Peng
June 6 & 7 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Center for Symbolic Studies, 310 River Rd Ext. New Paltz, NY
Register: www.symbolicstudies.org or 845-658-8083 (Mon or Fri).

Hologram Palm Empowerment: awaken the three most important energy centers in the body.
Eight Cycles: relieves tension and expands our range of motion by increasing the flow of Qi from the center of the body to the extremities.

This seminar is particularly for healers, therapists, practitioners of yoga, tai chi, martial arts, dance, meditation, and other mind-body-spirit practices. No prerequisites required. See Foundation Course and Develop Your Mind Level I: www.RobertPeng.com

Lyme Support Group Rhinebeck, NY - June 11 6:00-8:00 pm
Dr. Patricia Gerbarg - CAM for Recovery from Lyme

The New York Open Center - June 12 6:30-9:30 pm
Dr. Richard Brown - Breathwork and Meditation for Therapists
Integrate Stress-Reduction Techniques into Your Practice
Approved for CEUs Members: $40 / Nonmembers: $45
Registration: www.opencenter.org / Phone: 212.219.2527

Center for Symbolic Studies, New Paltz, NY July 12 1:00-6:00 pm
Breath~Body~Mind© Workshop
Registration: www.symbolicstudies.org

Publications & Reviews

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression Harvard Mental Health Letter April 2009

Review of How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health Care, by Cathy Durga, LA Yoga magazine, June 2009.

About the Authors

Richard P. Brown, MD, Associate Professor in Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University Medical Center, NY is a certified teacher of Aikido (4th Dan), Yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation.

Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD, Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychiatry, New York Medical College, has a clinical practice in psychiatry and provides consultation for research on mind-body practices.